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Murray and Martins Fan Club

Murray and Martin's Talkie Bits

The internet is full of Murray and Martin quotes, but unless you can actually hear them, you lose half of the impact. I have made this attempt to redress the balance.

First off, the Murray Walker quotes:

Murray at his most boring 155kb
What is it Murray? 106kb
Herbert an angel? 124kb
Murrays acronym lesson 55kb
Schumacher's Eurovision result 78kb
Don't tell lies Murray 45kb
Are you feeling OK, Murray 64kb
Getting clever 60kb
A favourite of mine, Murray starts talking about the Williams...He get confused 295kb

Now the Martin Brundle quotes:

Very few drivers use their mirrors properly 62kb
Where's Johnny? 142kb
David's naughty boy sign 99kb
Could do better, Frank 157kb
Thank you Jean, give the boys something to think about 164kb
Why Murray was kept around 92kb

And a few short conversations between the confused commentators:

What do the winglets look like? 103kb
Murray uses his years of experience 114kb
I want a go with the mike, Martin! 261kb
Hello Mika 125kb
Meat in the sandwich 116kb
Teaching Tuero 112kb
Can he do it? 62kb

If you have any quotes on WAV format, please
Email them to me

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