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Murray and Martin's Fan Club

Murray Walker's little bit

You either love him or hate him, but for years his high pitched squeal has enthralled motor racing fans around the world. It was not just his enthusiasm that boosted the ratings, there was always that magic moment in every race when he would come up with a "Walkerism". No other commentator in the history of T.V. sports coverage could scare a Formula 1 driver by announcing they could win a race, but "The Curse of Murray Walker" is all too real amoung the drivers. I could list thousands of Murray's infamous "Walkerisms" but they are all over the internet, follow the link from my frontpage to find the best ones. Murray is undoubtably one of the most remarkable people on TV. At an age when most of us would struggle to walk, Murray takes a ride in the McLaren 2 seater F1 car and manages to shout and scream solidly for around two hours sixteen times a year, whilst leaping around studios in every corner of the globe. Murray is probably as fit as most of the F1 drivers. I for one dread the day that Murray Walker hangs up his microphone.


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